New Wonder Woman Teaser trailer

by Bi0S on November 3, 2016, 11:12 pm

This trailer is AMAZING. I’m sure somewhere Joss Whedon is weeping tears of joy while watching this trailer as there’s a lot to love here. Everything about Diana and the island of Themyscira is beautiful. Those cliffs? The ocean? The screaming amazons swinging around and taking bullets. This trailer has it all!

I had reservations about the WWI due to it just throwing of the chronological order of released films since Wonder Woman already made her debut in Justice League so the outcome of this film is already established but I’m discovering the enjoyment in watching the story unfold. The period setting is working and Chris Pine is as charming as ever as the first man to step foot on the Amazonian ruled island. This trailer is the best footage DC has put out since the last Christopher Nolan movie. Hell, I liked this trailer more than Batman V Superman in its entirety.

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